Webflow jquery.js and webflow.js in MediaWiki

I am a participant of iGEM 2021, a synthetic biology competition. I am trying to host exported webflow code to the iGEM mediawiki servers. The CSS and HTML works fine, but the javascript isn’t working at all.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the JS work on mediawiki?

The website is: Team:KU Leuven - 2021.igem.org
The JS links are: Template:KU Leuven/jquery - 2021.igem.org
and Template:KU Leuven/JS - 2021.igem.org

Hey there!

WF exports it’s bundled internals, so it should work if you did not change anything important. Its hard to determine what the cause might be. Did the location of the script change? What are the errors?

What is expected to stop working is the CMS and all its features.


Hello. Thank you for your reply. I opened the webflow export in dreamweaver and there, everything works like a charm. Whenever I upload my code to the iGEM servers (mediawiki), the CSS and HTML both work, but none of the Javascript. I also do not get any errors.

What information can I provide so you have a better overview of what might caused it to fail?

Its probably caused by the design of mediaWiki.


Looks like it blocks certain things like embeds and script tags.

You may have to restructure the js code into a module thats being loaded with the mediawiki bundle

There are security concerns though.
I really don’t know, never worked with this wiki framework

Okay, so I got JS to work. Everything works except for webflow interactions. These interactions are linked to items in the main page through ID’s. I’m guessing Mediawiki doesnt like that.

Sorry for your troubles! WF works best when used in its eco-system