Webflow is unable to issue valid certificate

I need the CAA record to add to my DNS so that my browser doesn’t think its an invalid CA. Keep in mind I can’t delete the current CA record (see details below). I need this so I don’t get the below error when visiting main site.

Here is my staging site : [LINK][https://realityshop-stage.webflow.io/]
Here is my main site : [LINK][https://www.realityshop.io/]

Here are my DNS records . Vercel does not allow deleting the bottommost CAA record, hence I need the CA that is going to issue certs for my webflow website.

My intention is to have all subdomain xyz.realityshop.io/* to be handled by backend vercel servers and all www.realityshop.io/* be hosted by webflow.

Can you please help?

Webflow also uses letsencrypt so you may have a conflict there.
Support is quite knowledgeable about DNS configurations, I’d reach out to them.