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Webflow is slow in China

Webflow is slow only in some regions like “Beijing” not all. But if you use a VPN which normally most of the foreigner use in China then no issue. Here is the latest vpn providers which are working well in china.

Okay, Here is my tip how to improve speed of webflow built websites in China:
Disable Google fonts… You must load your own fonts…
After such action I improved the speed of website loading in China.

I haven’t use webflow for about 1 year from now and just want to tell that webflow started to work much better in China and right now i don’t use VPN.
I feel that it’s because everything you need is to autosave your project, everything else loads just once.

Workflow is now works perfectly in china. But google services are still banned, China vpn is the only way out.

Workflow seems to work fine sometimes and sometimes it is slow due to strict internet security the Great Firewall of China and so do most of the Google services and other social apps are blocked and the only way is to use a China VPN

I went to China last month for an internet conference and I use the web flow it was too lazy in China because of Chinese censorship but when I connect the China VPN it starts operating flawlessly.


I have a request for the people at webflow.

I have been working hard with this product and getting a web site that works well in China. To do this, I export the web site to another server. However I have to hack the files up to get URLs to display without the .html extension. So I would be much happier if I could just host directly from Webflow.

It appears to me that there are two issues that keep my webflow-generated site from working well in China.

  1. Google fonts: My fix is to switch to another server for the fonts. As so…

  2. jquery: Again, my fix is to change servers for this…
    "script type=“text/javascript” src=“

It sure would be nice if we could specify within webflow that we want to use these alternate servers. Then I could run some tests and see if I get the same speed as I do from the external web server that we have to use now.

It is my experience that running from a web server within China is not a big improvement, if any. It is more about the code in the web pages.

.pat styles


I can’t like the post above mine enough. PLEASE consider this Webflow team! It would open things up for people and business trying to reach the China market, which is becoming more and more important.

According to, there are 721+ million people activity on the web in China…which accounts for about a 21% share of all internet users globally.

@cyberdave @brryant
Is this something that could eventually be prioritized? Please, please, please…

I really agree with your words. I have use the china VPN which is helpful for us. Try this

We’ve pushed a change to use a different CDN provider to delivery jQuery. All Webflow sites published since our upgrade to jQuery 3.3 are now using this URL for jQuery, which should at least address this aspect of Webflow sites loading slow in China:


For Webflow users in China: have you noticed an improvement in page responsiveness?

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