Webflow is hijacking my redirects

I’m trying to slowly migrate my website (www.carloanscanada.com) to webflow one page at a time. I’m currently hosting it on Netlify and have setup redirects to send traffic to my /rates page in Webflow

    fromPath: "/rates/*",
    toPath: "https://clc-consumer-website.webflow.io/rates/:splat",
    statusCode: 200,
    force: true

However traffic to www.carloanscanada.com/rates gets 301 redirected back to clc-consumer-website.webflow.io/rates.

I’ve tried adding my custom domain as the default but I can’t switch over the root alias yet so I feel like this setting isn’t doing anything right now.

Here’s a video going through it!

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.