Webflow is down for my site but https://status.webflow.com/ shows green anyone else having issues?

Is anyone else having issues with their Webflow site right now?


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For anyone in the future that is interested…

Turns out that the outage with my site was due to the way I was running a reverse proxy in front of webflow.

The reverse proxy caused an issue where the SSL cert could not be renewed and therefore requests for my domain going to proxy-ssl.webflow.com resulted in a 502.

Previously the site had been running fine for approximately a month with a reverse proxy in front of it.

This is pure speculation as I don’t have any way of verifying but the failure could have been caused by a failed challenge similar to the following: Challenge Types - Let's Encrypt when the new SSL cert was attempting to be issued.

In order to get the site back online I took the html generated by webflow and I’m hosting the site statically via NGINX.

Webflow support said that they did have internal monitoring but that it didn’t pick up this failure due to the fact that the site didn’t have standard DNS settings. - Not quite sure I understand how that monitoring would work. I would argue that if the SSL cert fails to update there should be some sort of alert / notification regardless of what DNS is set to or the monitoring is not sufficient.

Webflow support, I’m still looking for a SSL work around that doesn’t require me to get rid of the reverse proxy or host my site statically some place else. It could be that I could configure a DNS Text record with a token or equiv to satisfy the challenge. Would welcome some help on this issue.