Webflow, iPad Pro, and read-only mode

Can you edit on an iPad Pro? I have the newest 12.9”, M1 chip iPad Pro. It definitely has the resolution and horsepower, but when I enter designer mode—in the latest version of Chrome—it’s read only and I can’t find a way to actual save edits.

Googling around, I found a post where someone said it worked on the Pro but not on the Mini but I couldn’t find much else. Definitely no confirmation of that. Is there any documentation that lists supported, unsupported, and blocked devices? Can someone from Webflow weigh in and let me know?

Not a supported device. While some functions seem to work, there are many interface limitations that make it completely impractical.

It appears there are no functions working in the designer, since it’s locked down to read only. I’d love a warning dialogue option box that let me proceed at my own risk. Especially since I’ve setup my iPad with keyboard and mouse to try and use it as my primary computer.

It’ll work if you request the desktop version. You can find this in Chrome or Safari by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your screen.