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Webflow IP for whitelisting

Hi there,

I’m working with a Hosting management company who have set up a Wordpress instance for me. I’ve tried connecting the Webflow Wordpress plugin with the server details he’s given me, though they need to first whitelist Webflow’s IP. Would anyone know where I can find this?

This is what they said after
"I think the connection won’t work right now anyway as the firewall is locked down on the FTP port. Do you know if Webflow has a range of IPs that their site runs on? Their support team may be able to supply that for you. Once we know this I can whitelist them to FTP to the server.

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Webflow Pages Plugin does not use FTP. As long as the server allows for HTTPS connections from the hosted instance you should have no issue. I quick test of the plugin on your WP site would let you know if there are any issues.