Webflow Interface Issues for Top/Bottom Margin Settings — Major Productivity Killer

Having an issue when trying to adjust the top/bottom margins (across all projects; not just a single Webflow project) the dialog box that pops up to make the adjustment shows both dialogs for top AND bottom margins simultaneously https://cl.ly/2e02c4fc5f12 and it keeps defaulting to change the bottom margin even if I clicked on the top margin to adjust it. It’s really annoying and not to mention a productivity killer.

It’s only the top and bottom margins that are affected. Left and right margins don’t have the same issue, nor do the padding settings.

It started to do this for me yesterday towards end of day on my work computer (Win 10, latest version of Chrome), but working from home today on my Mac and it’s still happening (also in latest version of Chrome). My co-worker mentioned it’s happening to her on her Windows machine today as well.

Anybody else having the same issue?


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I’m getting this too. Was wondering if it was an update I had missed but here you can see the dialogs clashing here so assume a bug.


Defo productivity killer.

Hi @PLF @dinko

Thanks for posting about this.

We just pushed a fix for this and it should be live in the next couple of hours :tada:

Thanks for your patience on this


Thanks @Brando - appreciated :+1:

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