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Webflow interactions essentially "retriggering" after breakpoint change


I’ve been on Webflow for quite a while now, and I’ve built some pretty cool interactions. However, for some reason, my interactions reset after I resize my browser window to another breakpoint. I thought this was how Webflow interactions worked, but after seeing a few other sites, it became apparent to me that some sites had interactions that were not resetting after the browser vw changed. Is this a bug, or what’s going on here? I also have a ton of custom code on my site, so that might be the issue, but I’m unsure.

This seems like a me only problem, and I’m not sure why. But my bets are on custom code. Any ideas on how to fix this? Or did I just goof when adding some custom code a while back?


I think if no changes happen on a specific breakpoint that would affect the element with interaction it won’t reset. Otherwise it will

Thank you, but is there anything I could maybe do to fix that. Thanks

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