Webflow Interactions - Animate Full CSS

Webflow interactions no longer allows you to change flex directions.

But, if you’re going to do something, why not make it perfectly extensible and dynamic? I’m really feeling let down that a few ‘features’ continue to be implemented before the structure and flow of Webflow is actually mastered. It would be insanely easy to implement FULL CSS SUPPORT, and allow the user to drag and drop any interface items to create a canvas of their own liking. Or so it should be if the platform was build to be perfectly extensible.

Also, actions are all-or-nothing. Selected Element, Class, or Interaction Trigger. So I’m also restricted to affecting only one object now…

Also why are there added limitations in Products? Why are products limited to three variations with 99 sets each? How about just not trying to count and charge us for every DIV!