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Webflow interaction bug – animation causes text to disappear

Hello, I have a problem with my last design
Someone can help me please?

No bug on the landing page but on pages in French & English is the same problem, the txt appear and after 1sec he disappear and the bug is different for each section… However is the same animation and the same class for each…

I have 2 animation for each section for text right (slide to right) and for text left (slide to left)

The animation worked before without bug

I’ve also an other bug when I publish my website the title of my different pages is not updated…

Thank you

Sorry for my bad English ^^

Hi @Jondesigner

Thanks for posting.

You have all elements with the class name slide effect left sliding in and out of view when they are in the viewport. I think the issue may be caused by using class based interactions with these elements so close to one another.

Can you please try to set the quick interaction for each slide effect left element like this.

​Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue.

Hello @Brando

Ok tanks for your response :slight_smile:
Your solution is good for this website with not many content but a big site with full content is not practice to select by element.

But why the old version worked before duplicate the project?

I have just 2 different language in the new version but I’ve used the same class and same interaction?


And again sorry for my very bad English :wink:

Hi @Jondesigner

That is definitely bizarre behavior :thinking:

So the older version is working as expected. But once you duplicated the project, the new duplicate has the interaction issue where the text disappears; is that correct?

I just tested both of the preview links you shared and the issue appears to be resolved. Can you confirm you are no longer seeing this issue?

​Thanks in advance!

Hi @Brando

Finally, I left like that in french and I’ve use an other class for the english page with the same animation and now its work…

But then I do not understand the logic behind :wink: Maybe a small bug?


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