Webflow integration with DRIP


I am trying to implement Drip (www.getdrip.com) on a form.

Can anyone help, happy to use zappier if needed

Thanks in advance

Hi @Rashpal_Singh_Sagoo, Using Zapier to send forms submissions to Drip should be possible.

Here are some helpful article:

  1. Drip help info: https://www.drip.com/integrations/zapier
  2. Webflow/Zapier info: https://university.webflow.com/article/how-to-integrate-webflow-with-zapier

Basic process will be to make sure there is at least one form submission that has been sent to Webflow forms, then use the zapier integration instructions from Webflow to connect your form through zapier to drip.

I hope this helps to give some direction.

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Were you able to do this? I’m currently attempting to use a Zap to send my Webflow form submissions over to a Drip campaign but it isn’t working.

Forwarding a form submission to Drip via Zapier is causing errors for me, too. ERROR: Empty Field. The help docu over at Zapier isn’t bulletproof either. As a workaround, I just connected my existing form on Webflow to Drip using custom attributes in the settings panel. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Sign in to your Drip account. getdrip.com/
Step 2: Go to Forms. Click the “Create New Opt-in Form” option. Select “Embedded HTML Form”
Step 3: Fill in the details as necessary, then click “Save”. Then click “Setting and Code”.
Under the code area, toggle the dropdown “Can I connect my own form to Drip?” You should see this and take note:

Step 4: Go to your Webflow form. Make sure you’re selecting the FORM block, then switch to the Settings Panel and add the following settings and custom data attributes from the Drip form:

Step 5: Then select the EMAIL type field. On the settings panel, input this:

It should work properly. What will happen is that after the users click the Subscribe button, they will be redirected to the form you designed on Drip (if you have any additional field or just a custom page), with the email field pre-populated. After confirming, the new subscriber should now appear under your People tab on DRIP… unless you have double opt-in or other extra steps before the subscription is confirmed.

Hope this helps!