Webflow iframe source broken on Youtube videos embedding

Hey everyone,

The source of Youtube videos is broken after saving the blog article wherever I use the video option or the embedded iframe. I’ve tested with a video from Vimeo and it’s works with no problems.

It looks fine into Webflow Dashboard

But after saving the article the iframe source is broken

Do you have any suggestions? Should I do something special to Youtube videos?

Thank you!

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Hey Nicolas, welcome to the forum.
I don’t see anything broken, but… it looks like you’re hiding the IFRAME?


Even if I delete the style, the iframe is not appearing, the source is broken.

If you share a readonly link to your project, and a URL where it’s published ( webflow.io is fine ). I’ll have a look and see if I can find your problem.

Hey @memetican you can see the trial blog post here, thanks a lot for your help:

Hey Nicolas here’s how to share the readonly link-

I still can’t see your project source without the readonly link, but I can see the generated HTML in the published link you sent;


I’m guessing you’re doing this inside of a Rich text element? In the iframe for the Youtube video, you can see the contents are empty. Those IFRAME contents are not generated by Webflow.

So first guess is something went wrong adding your video. Make sure you’ve added the right form of the link for your video, which would look like;


Also it takes a moment for the video to “connect”, so make sure that happens before leaving the page / closing the editor.

Just delete the old one and add it back in. If that doesn’t work, contacting webflow support is your best bet.