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Webflow Hosting

Hi all,

I’m new here to the forums and I look forward to learning from you all-

I have a big client that has a high traffic site - they often go viral and get thousands of visitors at any given moment.
I am taking over their site and really considering switching their hosting to webflow. They currently use amazon EC2 which it looks like high traffic sites like Netflix use.

They pay nearly $150 a month for this and haven’t had problems with site crashes so they feel confident with it. I am a big fan of webflow and i would love to switch their hosting here but I am a bit worried about site crashes.

Has anyone used webflow for high traffic sites? A part of their concern also is the high cost they pay vs the webflow hosting cost is MUCH cheaper. They believe it won’t be very reliable because of the low cost.

Anything helps-

Hey @jonathanlsanch, and welcome to the Webflow community!

Webflow also uses Amazon EC2. Here are a couple articles from Webflow that discuss scalability:

Hope this helps!

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