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Webflow Hosting with WP Blog


Our site, was created using webflow… however, the designers used WP to house our blog, which is located at

Now, we are in the middle of a huge SEO makeover and I notice that some of the things we need, like sitemaps, robots.txt files, etc., are only available to clients hosting with webflow.

My question is… can we move our site to webflow and keep the blog on WP? By redirecting the DNS of /blog to the current location? Or is it better to perhaps move the blog to the CMS offering here at webflow?

Or… is there a way to build out a sitemap without changing a thing?

Much obliged.

Hi @fxkevin

I think it would be better (and much easier in the long run) to migrate all of your blog posts. Here is how:

Seems the general markup on the pages, featured images, etc., would all need to be redone going this route. Is that the case? As well we have our own SSL, how does this work with the hosting plans? As I see they include SSL. I assume I could test the hosting using the webflow domain, upload the blog and play around with the CMS… all while leaving the current solution in place. Right?

Another issue is we have a language key file we created so the content of the website could be easily edited off of webflow. We would need to stop this, and go and take out all the attributes linking blocks of text with entries in that lang file… and add the correct text to each page.

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