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Webflow Hosting/CMS price plans

Hi there,
Quick question.
Does Webflow offer any discounts for 2/3 year subscriptions? Or can you only select the monthly/annual option.

No official discount/option (Yet).
But you could contact the sales team.

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Thanks, any straight method of getting in touch with sales and not a bot?!

Like most chats - first messages are bot (And later human).
On the chat try None of the above option and write “talk with human” and terms like this.

I do not really know.

amazingly I’ve left two messages with the webflow sales bot and nobody has come back to me. Had to resolve to telling the client it was an annual subscription only.
@Webflow 2-3 subs should be an options to paying customers! :slight_smile:

Did customer service ever get back to you? One of my clients is asking for a 2 or 3 year subscription…

No, I just had to go back to the client with the pricing info that was available online

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  • @maggy it’s the year plan only, nothing above.

There’s a program based on volume of website hosted, mainly for agencies, but this has nothing to do with the hosting price of one website, for a final client. I don’t see a 3 years hosting plan happening anytime soon but that’s just a feeling. :slight_smile:

Is 3 years hosting plan a thing? How much would you expect the discount to be?

I haven’t seen any discount. It would be better to contact them directly.