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Webflow hosted sites do not work in Windows 10 Edge 12 browser (affects Browserstack only)

Testing in Browser Stack and ran across this when trying to view any Webflow hosted site in W10 Edge 12. Sites built in Webflow but exported and hosted elsewhere seem fine. As do other non WF sites.

Can anyone else test?

Hey @jdesign thank you for sending this over, we’re looking into this right away!

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Cool, hopefully it’s not just something with BrowserStack but since other sites are working…thinking somethings up.

It could have been a rendering issue with Browser Stack (just not loading the css file on rendering) but we want to double check to make sure. Thanks!

Windows 10 Edge 13 (non-browser stack) working fine.

Don’t see it working in Edge 12 but do in 13.

If it was a rendering issue I wouldn’t think non Webflow hosted sites would work either.

I’ve just tested on both real machine witn Windows 10 and emulated Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop. In both cases using device agent for Edge v12 and v13 are working. We’ll investigate BrowserStack issue :)

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Alright, thanks for checking.

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