Webflow Hibernate Account Pricing

Hey Guys, I would like to share this idea of a New pricing plan. The Hibernate Account Plan. This plan would be the next to FREE Plan.

The cost of this plan would be around 5$. The reason I’m requesting the “Hibernate Plan” is because, I’m not a regular Webflow user. i use Webflow around 4 - 5 months in a year. So, rest of the months I do not use and plan degrades to FREE!! But here comes the problem, once my plan degrades I loose all of my projects except 2 projects. I do not want to pay for Lite plan without even opening webflow site.

Either Webflow needs to introduce Webflow Project files, say “Project1.wf” like that, not just export HTML!! or They gotta introduce “Hibernate Plan”

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As of last week and unveiling of the new pricing, any site you’ve worked on and hosted remain in your dashboard with full control.


The 2 sites limit only applies for unpublished sites (staged sites under the .io domain).

You seem to want to keep the benefit of browsing more than 2 sites, or modify them, without paying the lite plan.

The concept of hibernation is different: hibernation propose low prices because the data literally… hibernate, thus not being usable and not being accessible immediately. Example: when you put some of your Amazon S3 data to hibernate (the Glacier plan), you need to file a request for them to go out of hibernation, and it’s not immediate, it can take hours, days. If you want to access your datas at all time, you pay the normal fee.

As far as I understand Webflow already does hibernation: stop paying and you’re limited to 2 sites. You need to pay for the other sites to be accessible again. If you don’t pay soon after losing your paid plan, the sites are archived, and it requires action on Webflow’s side for them to be usable again.

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Yeah I do know that. I need unlimited unhosted sites!!

I’m using webflow only for designing, later I control the website by creating Admin Panels using PHP and host it in my server!! I do not want to spend money on hosting services of webflow!!

And, while we’re at it, I need Webflow to give me a shoebox full of $50s. I don’t think either one of us are going to get what we want. Wanting to pay $5.00 for the use of the Webflow designer is rather insulting and, more importantly, isn’t realistic. I predict that your “need” will be heard, but in the end, will fall on deaf ears. Companies need money or they don’t remain in business long. You and I have no idea how cheap or expensive housing unlimited sites would be for Webflow, but it’s a given that it isn’t free. There is an overhead. So, this “plan” doesn’t seem too realistic to me.

Webflow needs to? Or what? You and your $5.00 will walk? Where are you going to walk to? And, more importantly, with your attitude, may I hold the door open for you while you’re leaving? :wink: My point is that if you could go somewhere else, to get this plan that you want, you’d have already done it. Such a place doesn’t exist. Perhaps, Man up and pay for what you need because I doubt your plan will work out because it’s selfish and unrealistic. That’s why you can’t find it anywhere.


Hi @secretkeys and all. First, thanks for putting this item on the Wishlist. I think that there are good and valid points to be made, for having an account hibernation plan, or something like that.

As a side note, when an Membership Plan is cancelled, The membership services do not end immediately. Webflow understands that sometimes, it may be necessary to skip a month, for some reason.

The Plan membership stays active until the end of the current billing period. This is a minimum of 30 days if the account is cancelled on the same day as the last billing.

After 30 days, the paid membership will expire. Webflow gives an additional 30 days grace time, to save your existing sites in the dashboard. This 30 days is provided, even if the user is on the free plan and has no hosted sites, only unhosted sites.

60 days from the date of the last billing, if the subscription has not been renewed, the site limits on the Free plan are enforced, which allows for 2 unhosted site projects.

So, given that scenario, you would need to pay Webflow 6 times a year, which is closer to your original projection of 4-5 months (correct me if I am wrong).

This forum, and these Wishlists, is a place to open discuss the topics that may be a concern. Let me know if I can be of help. There are no deaf ears at Webflow, every customer has a voice, and Webflow listens.

When I say “Hibernate Plan”, I’m not asking for Pro Plan. Many of you guys do not seem to have this vision!!

The Hibernate plan is just same as Free Plan, only thing is your Unhosted websites will be unlimited or say to a count of 50!!

I’m not going to use webflow’s hosting neither free nor paid at any cast!! The reason I prefer webflow is only for designing!!

!!! Ultimately @itbrian40 , you have not understood the actual need and got stuck at 5$ !!!

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Hello @cyberdave

All I’m trying to say is, earlier webflow has unlimited unhosted projects in Free Plan!! i.e., just design your website and never publish with us!! Exactly that’s what I want :slight_smile:

But it seems all are getting my point wrong!! I’m using Webflow from it’s early stages, I love the way you helped us to design a website without much coding knowledge!! But exactly what I need is either introduce a webflow file format, so that I can design my website and export webflow file and later import and reuse my site working files or introduce us a Hibernate Plan, where I can have limited(say 30 -50) unhosted websites and rest as same as free plan!!

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@itbrian40 it’s not a selfish and unrealistic thought!! I use webflow only 3 months in a year and do you want me to pay for entire 12 months!! that sounds ridiculously stupidity!! If webflow says yes we do, then it’s greediness!!

I don’t even want any hibernate plan, if they introduce webflow file format, say “mysite.wf”. This will do, so I may grab my file and renew the needed plan and plugin my project and work.

No one here is asking entire webflow’s pro tools for 5$ understand the subject and then reply!!

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Hi @secretkeys, thanks, my apology, I did not address the export feature also. Yes, that would be a great feature to have, to be able to export the site data, for re-import.

The main thing is to move forward in a constructive manner now, and every request gets time with the dev team :slight_smile: Let me know if I can help to answer any questions, feel free to PM me.