Webflow / GLB / Three.js

Looking for someone who can help me put some GLB files into Webflow and make them function and interact nicely. If anyone is interested please get in touch as need someone ASAP!
I don’t think that it is more than a days work for someone max.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, GLB files can’t be added to your Webflow hosting+project. Only web files and a couple of documents formats can be uploaded. So when you’re using technologies such as threes.js, you are going to need a sever somewhere to host some of the files.

You can use this with a little work as an alternative. Really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Hi, thank you. You mean use an Amazon server ? Yes, I need someone to help do that - so take the files, get all the camera settings angles/ interactions correct, get them hosted and then pull them into Webflow.

Is this your area? Or can you recommend someone to me that could help?


Thank you! I did try this but I couldn’t get the interactions I needed and also I couldn’t get the camera setting correct. I am also a novice at all of this and coming from light coding background so think the best thing is to get some help to do it properly and who knows their stuff!

Going back to this - is it hard to get the files to render into Webflow when you are linking them from the server?

no, in the sense that even if you let the assets on Webflow, it’s kinda the same thing, I’m not sure sites files and assets resides on the same server/machine.

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No not my area, not a lot of experience for guidance.

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