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Webflow general questions

Hello All,

Two questions I have for Webflow and hoping someone will help me figure this out.

I have a potential freelance project that needs to make a touchable infographic. For example, if I drag a slider and the number next to the slider will change at the same time. The project goal is to let the users can interact with the site interface. I know Webflow has interaction but how make it really interactive for the users?

By touchable interactive animation, I meant something like this:

If I used Webflow to finish parts of the project but still need a developer to help me work on that touchable interactive function, how can I hand Webflow code over to him? Or the developer has to join the Webflow project in order to edit the code?

Thank you!

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I do not understand coding…so I assuming if I use Webflow and the other developer cannot make the interaction the client wanted?

Webflow supports custom code. Your developer can either do it from your account, or after you export and hand over the site to them. Either way should work.