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Webflow: Front-end site library external JS file inconsistently included?

I have an interaction – an accordion working beautifully on a website that used a template. I copied everything into a second project and it stopped working.

I realized that the original project has an external js file that is not featured in the new project. I copied over the missing code and the second project worked. This code was not accessible via the page settings or the site settings (custom code) – instead it appears to be Webflow’s own code?
and some CSS around “html.w-mod-js”

Question is – why is this code available on one project and not the other. Do templates get to add code in inaccesible places? Does Webflow inconsistently make certain features available? Was it a versioning issue and code was removed from newer Webflow “versions”? Is this code added by some sort of trigger of some sort? If so, how do I trigger it? Or do I have to always add it manually?

I see someone asking to remove this code in their project – and now I guess I’m wondering how I got it added inconsistently to one project and not another. I wish it was more transparent.

Here is my public share link:

Webflow’s included JS has base functions for elements as well as IX2. When you are building a site and use Interactions, additions are made to the core script. I think the issue lies in the copy where necessary changes don’t make it into the new site script. So if that does not work you would need to rebuild the interactions in the designer. My answer is based on my personal observations.

Thanks! I think you’re right. The weirdest thing is that no interactions are visible/setup in the UI of Webflow of the original.