Webflow forum is not displaying in Google Chrome

no matter how many times I reloaded the page, and even change my device from iMac to macbook pro
I couldn’t load the webflow forum page in google chrome :’( (but Safari still works)
anyone knows the reason?

I have been having the same problems, seems to be sorted now, but its not the first time this has happened

hmm, mine is still not working

Hi @Klio_Peng and all, yep it seems that discourse has been having some issues yesterday and today, for some people, but not all.

Hi @cyberdave, I’ve just updated my Google Chrome to the latest version, but webflow forum is still not displaying in Google Chrome :open_mouth:

This is for me to, I can only view forum in safari.
In Chrome all I get is the web flow navigation.

I’m on latest MacOS and latest Chrome

I’m still experiencing this issue. Can view in Edge in the meantime.

Seems they’re aware of the issue:

its working for me now. it was down for a good 24 hours for me


it’s also working for me now
thank you!