Webflow Forms with recaptcha failing suddenly

Hi, since yesterday, submitting forms in webflow is not working.

The call to https://webflow.com/api/v1/form/{formId} is failing with 500. The response I get is: {“msg”:“reCAPTCHA error. Contact the site owner”,“code”:400}

On the client side, I’m not getting any error while checking the box.

Please help.

@webflow_noobie - Webflow does not provide external users with a change log so we have know way of knowing what levers they are pulling in operations. It’s sad that they don’t. I recommend that you open a trouble ticket with the Webflow support team.

From the status page …

Reports of form submissions failing on some sites

Resolved - Our upstream provider has implemented a fix. The issue is now resolved.
Apr 29, 10:43 UTC

Identified - The issue has been identified as caused by an upstream provider. We are currently working on a fix.
Apr 29, 09:02 UTC

Investigating - Webflow is investigating reports of form submissions failing on some sites.
Apr 29, 08:11 UTC

This is not fixed sadly.

Two of my clients sites are completely broken with no changes. I’ve disabled everything, rebuilt them, tried just about every possible way to get their forms working with no luck.

Just submitted a ticket, but it’s still down. Was about to rip my hair out, especially when I can’t provide my clients an answer or estimated time fix. Most sites I use external form builders.

Hey Alex,

I’ve been battling with this for a couple of days too. Had the exact same issue as webflow_noobie / VL:

The call to https://webflow.com/api/v1/form/{formId} is failing with 500. The response I get is: {“msg”:“reCAPTCHA error. Contact the site owner”,“code”:400}

My form submissions weren’t affected when the issues were first reported by Webflow, but after their fix, my forms wouldn’t submit! I’ve lost all my business for the last 36-48 hours nearly because all my leads come through that form :worried:

(I love Webflow though, and this is the first issue I’ve ever had in 3 years, so won’t hold it against them!!)

Anyways, we’ve finally got to the bottom of our issue. Wanted to share in case it might help someone else:

We were submitting a hidden field and the value in it was too long - it was 680 characters. As soon as we removed that or shortened the value, the form submitted fine. (Crisis over).

We tried switching this hidden field to a hidden field instead so we could still submit that value in the form, but this didn’t work either.

Fortunately for us that super-long string wasn’t totally necessary (it was just a long string based on the other form fields, so we could scrap it without really losing any information). But if we’d have needed that, I’m not sure what we’d have done.

Anyway, we’re back to normal with that one simple change. (Just took a few hours to find!)

Hope this helps someone.

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Hey all!

Thanks so much for sharing your issues and workarounds here. :slight_smile:

If you do see issues with forms not submitting on your site like this again, could you please send in a ticket as @webdev mentioned: https://support.webflow.com/

We can take a closer look at your site and help get it sorted :sunglasses: