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Webflow Form Submissions Deleted. Help!

I tried to delete submission data from an old webflow form and it deleted the WRONG form data. I don’t know why this happened, as I clicked the delete button directly underneath the data, and it deleted the wrong data. Is there any way to get this information back? This is the email form for my site and I got email today that I now cannot reply to.

As a side note, is there a way to create a form that sends me email directly to an email address of my choice with their email as the reply to? I really dislike the way webflow makes me go to their site to see my email form submissions and now that they have just been deleted, I’m even more frustrated with this backwards way of having an email form.

Hi @satoriglass, sorry to hear about the forms trouble. If the form data was deleted, there is not a way for us to restore that data. Sorry about that. If you could please send me a read-only link to your site, I am happy to take a look to see what the situation is.

More information about read-only links:

On the second question on the Forms, you can set your Action property to point to an external form processor of your choice, and you can save the email submissions to your own server if you want. You have to create your own mail processor for that. t If you want to do your own form processing, here is an artuicle with information that may help:

That is for exporting forms, but there is a section on that page for connecting to an external mail script handler.

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Hi @satoriglass, unfortunately @cyberdave is right. :-/ Once the data has been lost, it is permanent. Our forms feature can definitely use improvement on how we handle the data as well as how you interact and use form submissions from your website/customers. Really sorry about the trouble.

Your request about replying to senders from form submissions has been brought up before too. If you have some time, please share your thoughts on this thread: Reply directly to sender from form submission emails Hopefully we can implement something like this soon!