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Webflow form not submitting


I’m relatively new to Webflow and have been getting accustomed to the environment. I just designed my first full site for a client, but am having problem with my forms submitting. I’ve deleted the forms and renamed it with unique classes and ID’s, I’ve changed the form settings in project settings, and I’ve followed the tutorials on Webflow university. I’ve checked the forums but could not find a solution. At this point I need some assistance or someone to point out what am not seeing.

Here is my site Read-Only:

The forms are in the prayer and contact menu.

Thanks for your help!

On the submit button change method to post (its set to get at the moment)
Also I assume you have filled out the project settings form tab out.

@iDATUS: Thanks for the quick response. I had activated a reCAPTCHA but forgot to add it to my forms. I had to disable it and it’s now submitting. I will also change the method on the button.

Thank you!