Webflow form not appearing on Zapier

I have integrated Webflow with Zapier for pushing form data from our website to hubspot.
This was working fine so far but now when I am trying to integrate a new form, it is not showing up on Zapier.
The form is the main form on the hero of the page: George
I have published it and have also made a test submission.
I’m using the same webflow account that was integrated with Zapier before which already has an active integration.
I’m not sure what I’m getting wrong
Any idea how to fix this?

Hi @Upasana_Paul

The original zapier automation is triggered by the first form. The new form is not triggering it.

yes but i dont understand why

Because the zap is connected to a specific form, and not to ALL forms

But why is it not happenning once i connect it to the form?