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I’m having some issues with forms.

We currently have 3 forms within the site but it’s hard for us to track submissions and we are exporting and adding to an excel sheet.

Webflow offers the option to send emails to a certain email address with new submissions. My question is, how can I receive an email for only one of the three forms?

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Yikes :scream: we need to get you familiar with some automation tools :smile: life should be easier :beers:

With Webflows default setup, you can’t. They only offer the basics.

The best option to fix this problem is for you to use a glue service like Make (Integromat) or Zapier.

Here’s a screencast walking you through exactly that, step-by-step:

If you’d like to see an example of something similar with Zapier, here’s a screencast walking through that:

Now you’ll be familiar with how we approach using these awesome automation tools to bolt on some extra power for your custom needs.

Going through the above screencasts will now teach you how to solve this.

The simplest approach (when just getting started) is to have each form handled separately by those automation tools.

As you get more familiar with this stuff, you can just submit all forms to one spot and conditionally change who receives an email based on things like form names, what options a user submitted, etc…

Sky’s the limit.

Zapier is a good example in that they have a built-in email service within their product.

Receive a Webflow form submission into Zapier, and have Zapier pop off an email to any address you like (along with the form submission info).

Back to this :scream:

I know it’s not your direct question, but it’s worth mentioning…

Here’s an example of using the automation tools mentioned above, and that you’ve now learned how to use, empowering you to submit native Webflow forms into a Google Sheet:

Then export into an Excel format if you must (i believe this can be automated), or swap in Microsoft Word Online.

Hope that helps!

Thank you! i will look into this.