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Webflow Form + Mailchimp Contact Update via API

Hi guys,
I have set up a simple Webflow Form which reveals a Download button in the success state when a user has entered his email adress. The adress is being sent to a mailchimp list via POST. This form is set up on a CMS page so that there is a different file attached to the download button depending on the CMS page the user is at.
This all works fine as long as the user is not already in the Mailchimp list. Then, MC gives back an error state and the form shows the error message, which means the user can not access the download button. I would have to find some way to make the Webflow form sent a PATCH request instead. Or I set it up via Zapier, but that would add another data processor to the list wich isn’t ideal.
Maybe there is a way to fix this with a bit of code? My JS isn’t that good unfortunately …
Here’s the read-only link.

Have you tried something simple like this?


I’m not sure if that’s the correct approach for you to fix your issues with MC (and if Webflow would allow this method to be used),but this is the simplest answer I could give you. IF this works, great. If not, let us know

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried implementing the JS like this:


But that didn’t work out as the form did not update at all. I tried the code in the header and footer of the page.

For now, I have set the system up with Zapier and that works fine but it would be amazing to have the webflow form react to the mailchimp error code natively.

You’re mixing JS syntax with jQuery, and that’s not gonna cut it. Also, depending on the placement of your code, it will simply not find the form. Can you please send me the live link for the page where that specific form is located?