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Webflow form doesn't send mail after adding custom domain


I’ve added custom domain to my site today, the domain works perfectly after two hours but webflow forms are not being sent to the e-mail on the same domain which I am hosting in another place (when sending a simple test email it works) . I thought it could be related, so tried changing the email in the form settings to my gmail but here again no emails are received, though downloading a CSV of collected Forms I can see my entries.

What can possibly do that?

I noticed that you Email template in your form settings has a lot of code. Have you tried removing that code and leaving {{ formData }} in it to test if it still works?

Yes, you were right @PixelGeek , I’ve set it to default and it worked. That is very strange, that email template was working perfectly for me before I’ve added custom domain today.
Any thoughts?

Proof that it worked before :smiley:

not sure if we support CSS within the template area. Try using inline CSS instead.

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Thanks a lot, would never think to even look this way :slight_smile:

Note to self: never use anything but “Simple” template on

Tested OK :webflow_heart: :pray:

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