Webflow Form: Changing Width of Text Area also changes Width of other Text Inputs

I’m utilizing Webflow’s Form component. I’m currently trying to change the width of the text area within the form to be twice as wide as the two text inputs (which are also part of the form) that are above the text area.

However, when I attempt to adjust the text area’s width: the two text input fields above the text area change widths as well. I’ve already assigned unique CSS classes to the text inputs and text area. However, this issue remains.

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Hey Chris, you didn’t share your read-only site link so it’s impossible to diagnose your problem.
However if you’re trying to set fixed widths, you’d need to do it on both classes.

Another, probably better approach for this is to read up on how to use CSS grids. You’ll get more layout options that way, that are more responsive.

Here is the read-only link:


Not sure I fully understand but here’s my guess.
Remove the right column with the portrait illustration. Then set the image as a background on the two column container div using settings in screen grab (adjust as necessary)

Change the left column to 50%. Then set the two text fields to 50%.

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Thanks! That did the trick.