Webflow Form being received twice by email client

I have a webflow form setup which is functioning fine bar the client is receiving the same enquiry email twice. Any idea why this might be happening?

Please, could you send the Screenshot he/she is getting again and again?

You can see on the timestamps, the same email comes in twice each time.

This is how it’s set up on the site’s form settings:

Hi @Bammedia

Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

​Thanks in advance!

Here you go Brando!

@Bammedia thanks for posting this, this definitely sounds like odd behavior.

Can you please try the following:
Try to submit another test form submission, but use a different email other than your own (e.g. test@test.com)

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

Hi Brando. I have tried this already and it makes no difference… any other ideas? short of deleting form and reconfiguring the whole thing again.

      <div class="form-wrapper w-form">
        <form data-name="Web Form" id="wf-form-Web-Form" name="wf-form-Web-Form">
          <input class="w-input" data-name="Name" id="name" maxlength="256" name="name" placeholder="Enter your name" required="required" type="text">
          <input class="w-input" data-name="Location" id="Location" maxlength="256" name="Location" placeholder="Enter project address/location" required="required" type="text">
          <textarea class="w-input" data-name="Description" id="Description" maxlength="5000" name="Description" placeholder="Project description" required="required"></textarea>
          <input class="w-input" data-name="Budget" id="Budget" maxlength="256" name="Budget" placeholder="Budget" required="required" type="text">
          <select class="select w-select" data-name="Timeframe" id="Timeframe" name="Timeframe" required="required">
            <option value="">Select your timeframe</option>
            <option value="< 12 months">&lt; 12 months</option>
            <option value="12 - 24 months">12 - 24 months</option>
            <option value="Indefinite">Indefinite</option>
          <input class="w-input" data-name="Phone" id="Phone" maxlength="256" name="Phone" placeholder="Phone No." required="required" type="text">
          <input class="w-input" data-name="Email" id="Email-4" maxlength="256" name="Email" placeholder="Enter your email address" required="required" type="email">
          <input class="w-input" data-name="Recommended" id="Recommended" maxlength="256" name="Recommended" placeholder="How do you know about us?" required="required" type="text">
          <textarea class="w-input" data-name="AOD" id="AOD" maxlength="5000" name="AOD" placeholder="Any other details" required="required"></textarea>
          <input class="submit w-button" data-wait="Please wait..." type="submit" value="Submit">
        <div class="success w-form-done">
          <div>Thank you! Your submission has been received!</div>
        <div class="error w-form-fail">
          <div>Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form</div>


Thanks for letting me know. I have reported this issue to the team and we will continue to investigate the strange duplicate form submission.

Please keep the feedback coming - we read and log every update so if you run into more strange behavior, please let me know.

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