Webflow for freelance

I have just started out doing web development projects for clients and I have done two so far using NextJS, NuxtJS along with headless WordPress for the CMS.

I have recently come across Webflow and have messed around with it to see how it works. It seems like if I used Webflow and the CMS is provided, I could get through projects much quicker than I would currently. Wordpress has its convenience but I have heard webflow is way easier to handle and would help me in my maheenandco website developing projects.

Do you think that for freelancing using a tool like Webflow is a better idea than what I am currently doing?

@jane_hohman First off, welcome to the forums. I think Webflow would be better for you. Coding takes time especially when you dealing with WordPress and an Static Site generator on top of that. That’s no matter how you slice it. That extra time could be used for more design work or sleep. With Webflow, you just worry about crafting your site visually. Content Management is also a breeze with Webflow, it has a easy to use interface for your clients to edit page and dynamic content. The icing on the cake is that Webflow also provides hosting with quality performance. It would surely make things a breeze for you and your clients. Having delt with WordPress since I was 14, I can tell you the difference is astronomical.

Everything has its limitations that includes Webflow, but a good number of those are taken care of with a bit of custom code or third party integrations. If you need help building something or you need to find a solution to a limitation, the community and or the Webflow support team will help you find the answer.

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