Webflow for booking website (non subscription based)

Hello everyone,

I am new here at Webflow and having some questions regarding an integration.

A family member asked me to build him a website to rent out his 3 individual apartments in a foreign country. I tried out several PMS and channel managers but they are (to my personal preference) lacking in website builder, or out of his budget due to the monthly subscription based model and advanced channel management features. I wanted to reach out to the community to see what is best for our situation.

What we want is build our website in Webflow (off course) and integrate a (one time purchase) booking calendar without subscription fees or booking fees.
We don’t use online payments (only bank wire) because that’s what most of our clients want anyway since we have mostly older people as clients. Everyone contacts him personally by phone before booking in the calendar and wiring the money in the past 10 years.

Currently he has a website with a PHP (one time purchase, from Code Canyon) booking calendar and that works perfect for him. But it needs a decent revamp since it’s severely outdated.

Is there a possibility to integrate a PHP calendar from 3rd party developers in Webflow?
Or what would be the appropriate path for us to follow?

Although proficient with computers keep in mind we are more at a newbie level regarding development. So I want to thank you to formulate your answer at that level :smile:

Many many thanks in advance for your help and insights.
I appreciate your input.

Hi! I am not very familiar with 3rd party extensions for this kind of thing, but I did have an idea that might be helpful. If you don’t need online payments, maybe you could use a regular form element from Webflow with a little bit of custom code. From what I know, there is a date input field that you can use. I also saw a project on the Webflow community showcase section that looked like it might be useful:

I hope this helps!