Webflow First Timer - help needed with pop up modal

Hi there,

First time building a site with Webflow for my wedding.

I’m nearly done - just trying to link the RSVP buttons to a pop up modal form so that people can RSVP. But I’m having issues with the Interactions and getting the form to appear - the gray modal does but can’t seem to get the form to appear on top!

Help much appreciated.



You can just use what I did on my site if you would like. Go to the Company Info page and look under the Our Network section. Each logo is essentially a button with a pop up.


Or, if I were you, I would just have the RSVP button act as a 1-page navigation and have it scroll down to the RSVP section (which you would no longer make a popup). This would avoid pop ups and be fairly easy to do. Using a pop up with a form leads to a few problems; namely, clicking the send button will not close the popup unless you add another animation. You also need to add an animation to close the popup if they click outside the popup’s background.

Thanks Jake. Super helpful tip - it’s a much simpler layout.

However the RSVP buttons aren’t staying linked to the RSVP section. I gave the section that houses the RSVP form a name ID (different for the RSVP section on each page) and then went through and linked the buttons to the relevant section on that page.

It works if I go straight to preview mode and check it. But as soon as I navigate between pages, the RSVP buttons lose their link destination? It’s not happening for the rest of the NAV bar that navigates between pages, so not sure what’s going on?


So close to finishing! Thanks.