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Webflow final product not matching live site

Hi there, I’m not sure what I did wrong…
so I’m working on this website and Have the finishes result of what it should look like on the only issue is that its not the same at all… I have re-uploaded the HTML code several times and i have no idea why its still incorrect.
Has anyone encountered this issue and found a working result?


What are the differences? Can you please describe them?

Exported and uploaded to third party hosting?

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In, the top 2 tiles and the bottom left tile are all the same, they should have different images like what is seen on

This may be a div block that I might have to rename because the 3 times I’ve just mentioned should also correspond with 3 different listings in where as they are at this current moment- is linking to the same listing…

Well it certainly looks fine to me

What web browser are you using?

Web browser shouldn’t affect the content. Try clearing your browser cache.

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