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Webflow - Feedback and criticism

Using webflow is a pleasant experience - in general.

However, when it comes to certain “details”, working with webflow can get extremely frustrating.

Unfortunately it is not possible to create sub-directories where the current class will be applied to the main navigation. You have to use a hack in order to do so - see code here: Current pseudo classes on sub pages So far so good because this works as long as your site is within the webflow environment.

When you export your site and upload it to your own server - things get very complicated. You have to mess with the .htaccess file to remove the .html and do other “things” in order to make the site work properly. In my case I did not get my site to work. As suggested from a webflow volunteer to “google it”, I spent more than 3 days searching for a working solution without any success…

The whole problem is very well described here: Ability to use "index" as a slug for subfolders/pages on site

Dear webflow team, why is it still not possible to properly work with sub-folders etc.? This issues has been mentioned and asked for for so many times in this forum. In my opinion, sub-folders and sub-pages are essential for any web build.

I am looking forward hearing your opinion.

Thank you!

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There are other higher-priority wishlist items like pagination, etc.

Not to mention that this (new/fixed nav) request isn’t even on the wishlist.

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