Webflow Failing to Publish AND Unpublish

I don’t know where else to post this. Yesterday, I went to revert a change I had made in the Designer and the site failed to make the backup. I then tried to go into the Designer again, and it crashed.

Today, I went into Custom Code, removed a “link rel=preload” script block I had made for loading the CSS. This code was added to optimize site performance. I removed it in the hopes it would resolve the issue. I then went to publish the site. It failed to publish. Meanwhile, trying to load into the Designer resulted in there being a crash report saying “Something went wrong while trying to open your site. If you are unable to access your project after clearing your browser cache, please visit https://support.webflow.com for assistance.”

I tried reverting to an even earlier change. Again, it failed to publish, saying only “Publish could not be completed, please try again.”

I then went to unpublish the site, in an attempt to “Turn it off and turn it back on again”. This resulted in an unhelpful “Failed to unpublish. Please try again!”

On closer examination: the console log in Designer says Designer crashed after IMPORTED_TIMEZONE, and the “Failed to unpublish” error is because of a 400 (Bad Request).

What I do know is that I can ‘view’ prior versions of the site in read-only mode, so the versions still exist. It’s just that I cannot revert to those working versions in such a way that would resolve the issue.

Any and all help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. The site in question is https://www.prosocialdesign.org

EDIT: The ‘Restore Backup’ timed-out 504 (Gateway Timeout), and also raised SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<html><h"... is not valid JSON

Hey John! I’m really sorry to hear about this issue you’re having :frowning:

Unfortunately we’re fairly limited on the guidance that we can provide on issues related to Designer crashes and Publishing failures from the forum (outside of trying the basics such as clearing your cache, trying via Incognito and restoring from a Backup).

Since it sounds like you may have already tried these things, your best bet here would be to reach out to Support directly for this issue. They will be able to investigate things on a deeper level and should be able to help you recover your project :ring_buoy: :rescue_worker_helmet:

Best of luck! :smiling_face:

Hello @Pathos315, same issue here, have you found a solution?
Thanks a lot for your help.

I had to contact webflow support and they were able to create a duplicate of the site from an earlier version. It was, in their view, a 1-in-a-million error.