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Webflow Export and Meteor Project Set-up

Hey all!

So, I have been developing the design and front-end of a new project with Webflow. As a non-technical person, I found it extremely intuitive and truly enjoyed the experience. As I was testing the limits of the application to build what I had in mind, I soon realized that I had to figure out how to export the Webflow project and import it into an environment where I have more flexibility to build out the remaining pieces of my project. After doing some research, I decided on Meteor with React.JS.

Now, it seems that the process of importing the Webflow project in Meteor is not entirely intuitive and requires some customization. I was wondering if anybody in the forum would be so kind and write a little (I know this takes time - I don’t expect anything crazy elaborate) tutorial on how they did it and what I should look out for when doing the transfer.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Big thanks in advance!