Webflow Enterprise: Massive Hubspot Forms Integration Issue

I’m a Webflow Enterprise customer and I’m trying to get in touch with someone regarding a bug on the hubspot forms integration.

My hubspot forms integration stopped working earlier today and I noticed it’s been excluding about 40% of ALL LEADS from hubspot over the course of the last year. I noticed today that we’ve missed over 900 leads in our hubspot channel due outages in this integration,

I need someone from the webflow support team to diagnose this issue immediately.

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Hello @istirton

Thanks for writing in. I am currently investigating with another one of my teammates. We will reach out through your support ticket you sent in.

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To close the loop on this we ended up pivoting away from webflow enterprise. Customer service was slow to respond and unable to pinpoint the issue. To webflow’s credit, they granted my organization a full refund; however, this oversight cost the company greatly and almost cost me my job.

Buyer beware.