Webflow Endless Scroll (to Div not Body) + Horizontal Scroll

Hi All!

I am making myself a new portfolio using Webflow. Ideally, i would like something that works like the following portfolio…

Currently, I have figured out how to do a horizontal scroll and have seen some clonable that can do endless scroll, but none that have endless horizontal scrolls that aren’t marquees.

I have found this Codepen for endless scroll, but was hoping I could get some tips on how i could make this horizontal, applied to just a div, not the body, and with images+text if that’s how it works…

Thanks in advance for your help!

(I haven’t linked my site yet because it is a mess with experiments.)

Hi @Amber_Johanna :wave:
Your reference is more complex, but here is a solution to achieve endless slides by scroll:

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In :point_up: example I used free powerful Swiper.js carousel
Also there you may found there interesting paid examples