Webflow Editor tabs not showing

I’ve been in contact with a (rightfully) very frustrated client who cannot access the tabs in the Editor.

I’ve investigated myself and found that (as admin) the editor loads fine. But Collaborators are all receiving the same issue, even after I completely gutted all custom code from the site and tried to edit a blank page on Safari, Chrome (Win & Mac) and even Firefox.

I can get the tabs to show if i delete the previously highlighted line of code via the Inspector, which appears to manage the webflow logo container (obviously not something I can expect my clients to do).

Any ideas what could be the cause of this?

Here is my site Read-Only: https://emusearch.webflow.io/

Apparently editing the ‘All images’ class also effects the webflow’s Editor logo. I had set them to 100% min/max width and is no longer an issue when reset.

Though i’d suggest that website classes shouldnt be effecting Webflow UI’s appearance. Might want to look into this.