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Webflow Editor Not Reacting Properly on a Smaller Laptop Screen

Hey Guys,

I bought a new Macbook 13" Pro. I went with the smaller size mainly because of two reasons. #1 being it’s what my budget allowed since it was $1,400 for a Mac even at that size lol. #2 portability.

Now when I use it to edit my webflow sites it throws the design all funky and doesn’t look like what it does when I go to publish the site.

Do you know if Webflow will fix this? or will I just be stuck using the browser “zoom out” feature while on my little, but powerful new Mac?


Hi @seank :smile:

do you have your toolbar docked on the side or bottom? Also, I’m using a 13" macbook as well and I like to set my dock to auto-hide so I can design with Webflow using the whole screen.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Hey thank you for the quick response. No, I currently have my doc hidden to the right. It only displays when the mouse is hovered over it.

can you supply a screenshot to show us this “funky”-ness?

Hey @PixelGeek I got it to work. Could you help me on one other thing if you don’t mind. For some reason I have a massive space between DIV elements and I can’t seem to know why. the live link is here

The shared file link is here:

can you start a new thread with a relevant title? This way others who may have the same issue can look it up.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @seank, the experience in using Webflow will definitely be different visually when using a 13" Macbook (congrats by the way on the smart purchase :slight_smile:

Normally when using a larger monitor, there is a lot more white space visible, so things look different than on a smaller display. I have a 13" macbook air which I love, and when using it with Webflow (which is all the time :), I tend to go full screen all the time I am using webflow with my dock set to autohide, but that is personal preference.

A 13" Macbook is just above the minimum resolution required, which is about 1366 px wide. It will work, and you will get a better experience when going full screen :smile:


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