Webflow editor breaking JavaScript code


Our Webflow site interacts with a GitHub repository, created using React. In the live version of this site we have experienced no issues and the site runs as expected. The problem lies when our url is pointed towards editor mode (either logged in or logged out). In other words, if the arrow widget is at the bottom right of our screen, we experience an issue.

The issue

  1. Navigate to this url - https://kirklees-council.webflow.io
  2. Click on one of the role options (adult social care, children’s social care etc)
  3. Wait for the jobs to load in and then click on one of the titles. You will see a pop-up.
    Great - this is exactly how the site is meant to work.
  4. Repeat the steps again with this url - Careers at Kirklees | Kirklees jobs

You will notice that either the pop ups break OR the jobs do not load in at all.

Our findings

Our site works as expected when we block either of the following JS in the developer tools network panel:

  • webflow-editor.min.60cc57474f.js
  • webflow-editor-bugsnag.min.534ed17365.js

Due to the issue only arising in editor mode, it has been impossible for us to replicate the issue locally to see what is going on.

We have also noticed that when one of the pages has videos, for example adult social care, the jobs do not load in at all and we can see the default message ‘no roles currently available’. However if the page does not have any videos, the jobs appear but the pop ups break.


I am happy to answer any other questions regarding this issue and how our repository handles cache and local storage (where the jobs are stored). Due to the site working in live and local environments, we have come to the conclusion that something in the Webflow editors JS is conflicting with our own?

If anyone has experienced something similar, it would be great to know what you did to fix this issue. Likewise, if Webflow are aware of something that might be conflicting with our code, that would also be great to know.

Thanks in advance.