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Webflow + Ecwid: how to set up SEO friendly clean URLs without access to the server?

Hello, Webflow team and Webflow community!

I’m using Webflow service with Ecwid ecomm plugin in my project:

I need your help to solve one problem with setting up SEO friendly clean URLs without access to site files folder using Webflow, because it’s disabled by Webflow.
Ecwid have a simple tutorial to make URLs SEO friendly, but it requires access to the file system:

Can you help me solving this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @GregoryShevchenko.
Josh from Foxy. If you end up not getting what you need with Ecwid/Webflow, definitely reach out. With Foxy, you can manage your entire product catalog without ever leaving Webflow. So you get to piggy back on all features in Webflow’s designer, hosting, cms, and seo.


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Hello, @webflow!

Still waiting for answer, because I can’t reach access to .htaccess file to make Ecwid URLs SEO friendly. Can you help me or give me advice how can I solve this problem?

Thank you.

If I’m not mistaking, you can’t access the .htaccess file in webflow.

Check this article out:

Have not read it all but maybe it will help you.

Edit: oh maybe you already followed that.


Yes, i’ve already read it. But unfortunately it’s useless for webflow-site.


I’m not a developer, but may be I can use jQuery or php workaround to solve my problem?

Thank you.

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Hi @GregoryShevchenko, there seems to be a method to use the seo titles without needing access to the .htaccess, check here:

Then code they show like:

<script> = || {}; = || {}; = || {}; = true; = true;

Which should be pasted before your store integration code.

I hope this helps!


I’ve already used that method and URLs look like this for now:

But it’s not a SEO-friendly URLs which should look like:


HI @GregoryShevchenko, thanks, sorry, I guess that was a workaround to achieve a better result, but they do have this blurb I missed:

If the sitebuiler you use doesn’t allow you to rewrite your site URLs on the server or you cannot access .htaccess file on your hosting, than it won’t be possible to enable the clean URLs schema described above. There is a workaround though — query-based clean URLs which look like the true clean URLs except for they start with ‘?store-page=’. They are less effective than the true clean URLs but they are still better for SEO than the regular hash URLs with ‘#!’ in them.

So it looks like you will be able to get part of the way there, but not all the way, at least not until we build in some .htaccess like functionality in the site hosting features.

Here is a post related to this on the Wishlist:

I would love to have your comments and feedback, that info really helps the Engineering team to understand the need for this.

I hope this helps.

Yep - went and voted on that.

Definitely something Webflow should consider.

Webflow has some major competition out there - and as much as I love Webflow, I do find myself having to resort to other website builders/designers for certain features Webflow simply doesn’t currently have (and I’ve figured out how to use subdomains from my own domain, and have my main site hosted here in Webflow, while hosting sites on my subdomains with 3rd party website-building platforms).

The dream is just to use all Webflow one day. :slight_smile: