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Webflow eCommerce Recommendation?


My team is currently in the process of using your platform as a “lean” solution for our MVP eCommerce Startup.

We can’t develop a cross-platform/native mobile marketplace plus a backend is out of our budget. In theory, I found a solution that will be a gritty but usable offering to provide shoppers an environment to buy goods on our site via any device.

My question, do you have any shopping cart/eCommerce recommendations that you’ve seen work well with Webflow?

The one at the top of our list is called Shoplocket. Any others out there we can look at would be helpful.


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Hi, I believe EcWid has been used by a few Webflow users. You can check it out here:

Thanks Brryant. We’re going to go a different route with our solution. Volusions seems like our choice. We’ll report back if both WF and Volusion plays nice with each other.

Hey randy - I highly recommend ecwid, especially over Volusion. The main reason is Volusion severely limits your design abilities, their mobile experience is not responsive and you will be sorely disappointed in the end.

I started out with ecwid about 2 years ago, and switched to Volusion… I switched back after 3months of pulling my hair out. The great thing about ecwid is that you can drop their AJAX code directly into your site in no time. it is fully responsive, supports several gateways, and controlling the look and feel is easy with CSS.

Anyways… just felt obligated to let you know about my experience with both platforms.

Paystand also has written up a good blog post about the different integration options they have with Webflow:

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Really interested on putting a shop to our webflow page. Can someone make a guide how to implement EcWid to the site? Would be really useful… For example I have a scroll page and in one section I would like to have two-three products.
Can you just add a buy button?

Im a project manager that made our website in webflow so it would be awesome to do a webshop integration as well.

Hello! I’m about to build a site that needs a web commerce solution. And EcWid seems to be a good one. Could you provide some more information on how to control the EcWid widgets via CSS? I want to customize the look and feel of so it matches the look and feel of the website itself. I mainly would like to control text color, change the font on product name, etc etc. Nothing super fancy, just the basics.

This is just a test run on my personal site so you can see what I’m looking for style wise:

Thanks in advance.

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A recommendation for eCommerce is It’s a swedish e-commerece, unlimited amount of products completely free of charge (the only charges is from the kind of payment service you use; PayPal has it’s own charges, MasterCard it’s own etc etc).

You can connect your Facebook account, Twitter account, add other cool apps and much more.
I don’ think there’s any embed option, so what you would do is assigning a link in your Nav to point to

Tictail have a Dashboard though where you can fully customize the look of your shop-page. A drawback is that it’s all by by manually editing the CSS though, but my idea was to just open up my site in Chrome, inspect element and then copy all necessary CSS code for the Nav, header etc).

By that, a site structure could look something like this:

Home (Webflow hosted pages -->
Products (Tictail hosted page -->
About (Webflow hosted pages -->

It’s a bit more work to do, but the ability to have unlimited amount of products for absolutely no fee, makes it a strong choice for me.