Webflow Ecommerce - Quantity Settings ID is Missing

Hello, sorry for this silly question.

I’m following this instruction to add inc and dec function on quantity element. But, the problem is I don’t see any input ID field on my quantity settings.

Thanks in advance!


Can you please clarify your usecase. Is your intention to create inc (+) / dec (-) quantity buttons for e-commerce product, cart and/or checkout page(s)?

Can you shrae project read onlly link and .io link so we can test code?

This will better help answer your question.

Also check out this custom code solution:

Has anyone figured out why the quantity field has had the ID input removed? When I wrote my Medium article (linked to by @gitaadi ) the ID field was available.
Even my live site still has the value of the old field so not sure how that’s hapening?

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same question. Anyone?