Webflow Ecommerce Printful - retail prices not formatting correctly for JPN Yen

Hello just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the display of prices for Japanese Yen when integrated with printful?

I have Webflow store currency settings as Japanese Yen. Language and region I have tried Japanese and English as it says this “Determines how your prices will be formatted by default”. And then the price preview option I have tried all settings but nothing displays ¥4000.00. I can get it to display ¥400,000 or ¥40.000.

For example I set a t-shirt price to ¥4000 in printful and it is correct and as expected as seen in screenshot below. But in Webflow it will not display the correct price. If I manually change the price- orders go through to Printful and I am charging only ¥40 instead of ¥4000 and pretty much getting no money per oder.

In printful:

In Webflow: