Webflow Ecommerce Platform Rule #1

I received this Reply Email

Webflow Priority Support
12:50 PM (18 minutes ago)
to me

Hello there,

My name is Nelson and I’m happy to help with this question. :slight_smile: Since our ecommerce feature will be using Stripe, we will be following their terms of service. That means you cannot sell tobacco, alcohol or guns on our ecommerce platform.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist further.


Correct. To be more specific, here is the Stripe terms of service:

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Thank You very much for the additional info


GoDaddy Store Builder also uses Stripe and PayPal… But they have an option not to choose a payment provider. Which allows an order to be generated. Will Webflow require a payment provider be chosen?

And tell me please, will the Webflow E-commerce work in Russia?

On this page I don’t see this country…

UPDATE: what algorithm works in the Webflow? Will it be possible to create a basket without further payment through the site (I mean that the order list came to e-mail)?

I don’t see it on the list