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Webflow Ecommerce India Support

Now that Stripe has been launched in India. I want to be sure before going into for a client e-com website project whether Webflow E-com is fully functional for India or not.

I wish integrate they integrate payumoney or razorpay or cashfree.
UPI will help us a lot.

@Guru_Dhamal please vote here:

Stripe has said that the integration issue is from Webflow’s end.

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Hi @Guru_Dhamal, currently India does not support our 2% transaction fee on the Standard Ecommerce site plan. In this case to use our Ecommerce offering with a Stripe account in India a Plus or Advanced site plan is required.

You should still be able to connect a Stripe account from India as it is now a Stripe supported country:

Stripe has started in India and is previously a Webflow Integration Partner in other countries. However, Stripe India just confirms Standard Connect, which doesn’t support Webflow outside India to receive application fees.

So, what is the final Status? The Stripe official account doesn’t show India for accepting payments on Webflow.

It still does not support. I am using shopify-webflow integrations. It is costly but solves many problems. Check out: Class 10

This setup has some limitations in tracking and setup but our major goal of accepting payments in India is solved.