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Webflow Ebook - Web Design 101

Hello all!

Today we published our very first ebook using Webflow! We gathered some of our most popular content on web design, and put it together in a way that we felt was easy to digest and navigate.

We also wanted to stretch the boundaries of the CMS, and create something that was more than just your standard blog or ebook template. Webflow allows us to build unique designs from scratch - why not flex that muscle when we can!?

If you haven’t already, join the conversation on ProductHunt and give us your feedback.

Happy designing!



Great stuff, so well done!

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great work keep it up…

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Pure Awesomeness! Really dig it!

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Great idea, too many visual effects for their own sake, though.

Love it! Where can I clone it? :blush:

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Flexbox in the code :smiley:


There’s flexbox in the ebook code?
I’m so jonesing for flexbox support in webflow… If anyone can crack up a UI for flexbox it’s the WF design team…


Good eye. Wink. :wink:


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is a preview link available for the ebook Webflow website ?

Thanks in advance !

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